Painting Contractors Moreno Valley CA

Our company is a crew of highly dedicated, well-trained painters that have been on the job for many years. We have made a name for ourselves in the Moreno Valley area here in California as one of the best, most well-rounded painting companies around. We deal with a myriad of different locations and provide multiple services. From entire houses and homes to single rooms bathrooms and kitchens. From small stores to large halls and offices, we do it all. There’s not a painting job too big for Moreno Valley Painting Pros!


Locally owned, licensed and insured contractors​

We founded our company right here in Moreno Valley, CA where we remain to this day. We’re not some huge conglomerate spreading across the whole country, but a locally owned and run business. Our focus has always been more on the quality of the job done rather than the quantity of jobs we take on. We are fully licensed and insured and you are certain to be more than satisfied with our work on your homes and workspaces!

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    Why We Love Moreno Valley California

    Located in Riverside County, California, Moreno Valley is part of the idyllic San Bernardino-Riverside Metropolitan Area. It’s a relatively small city which experienced rapid growth between the late 1980s and early 2000s, making it the second most populated city in Riverside County. Moreno Valley is also counted as part of the Greater Los Angeles Area.

    The Moreno Valley area actually has a very interesting history that can be tracked all the way back to 2,300 years ago! Over 200 prehistoric archeological location have been discovered in the actual city with pictographs and petroglyphs drawn by the ancient residents.

    Later on, Moreno Valley was used as a training ground for military pilots during World War II.

    Moreno Valley is also home to several notable athletes, including American professional soccer player Beverly Yanez, safety position for the football team Pittsburgh Steelers Da’Mon Cromartie-Smith, and professional baseball player with the Boston Red Sox Bobby Kielty.

    Moreno Valley is a beautiful place, and we’re looking to make it even better! So don’t delay! Get in contact with us today and get us to come down and give your space that fresh coat of paint that it needs!