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    House Painters Moreno Valley CA

    For all those looking for a professional painting service in Moreno Valley, CA and the surrounding area, contact us today. Our services are some of the best on the market, providing our customers with top quality paint jobs for all of their needs. Our services cover both full interior and exterior paint jobs for residential and commercial properties alike. Our Moreno Valley painting contractors are equipped with high quality paints and professional grade tools in order to ensure that each job is executed with clean precision and leaving each and every one of our customers satisfied with their new, crisp paint job. Look up "house painters near me" and get a free quote for any of our services by clicking the button below or filling out a request form.

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    Expert interior painting services for residential and commercial properties. Excellent prep, high quality paints, precise application, and great coverage.

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    House exteriors, stucco, decks, brick, trim, and more. If your store front needs a fresh coat of paint, or you need your home painted give us a call.

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    Drywall Repairs and Plaster

    Many jobs require some prep and repairs to drywall before paint is applied. We provide excellent drywall and plaster services as well.

    Best Local Painting Contractors in Inland Empire

    Have you been looking to change something in your home or business? Has it been a while since you’ve done something new to spruce your place up? Are you looking to sell your home? Is the exterior of your home starting to look a little shabby? Well, if any of the above are true for you, then you’ve come to the right place. ​

    We have a hands on approach and work actively with each of our customers so that we can provide them with exactly the paint job that best suits each individual space. The right paint job will set the tone for your home or business and give you the environment you want and need. That’s why Moreno Valley Painting Pros are the ones to tackle that painting job you’ve been trying to get done!​

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    Examples of our work:

    We Love What We Do

    Forget about dealing with painters who don’t put passion in their work and barely scrape by doing the bare minimum for your homes or commercial spaces. With Moreno Valley Painting Pros you can be sure that you’ll get the best possible job done for what you invest. If you’re looking to get good quality work done, it’s got to be done with the right tools for the job. The higher the quality of the paint and tools, the better the quality of the paint job. Couple that with the skill and practical knowledge that you get from a group of skilled professional painters and you’ve got yourself a sure formula for a well-executed paint job. This is exactly the reason why we at Moreno Valley Painting use only the best for our customers’ maximum satisfaction.​

    Our professional painters are ready to take on any number of jobs including:

    ·     Interior House Painting

    ·     Exterior Painting Services

    . House Painter Services

    ·     Door Painting

    ·     Trim Painting

    ·     Bedroom Painting

    ·     Kitchen and Cabinet refinishing and Painting

    ·     Outdoor Living Area Painting

    ·     Residential Painting

    ·     Office Space Painting

    ·     Commercial Painting

    ·     Store Fronts and Restaurants

    Why choose us?



    We use top quality paints to ensure even coating and full coverage on every kind of surface to make sure the job will last years to come


    We pride ourselves on being responsive to all our customers, and book the painting project when is most convenient for all


    What makes a decent house painter vs a great house painting contractor? It's in the details and the prep work! And we don't skip any steps!


    We provide all the information you need ahead of time so you know how long each job will take and what you can expect.


    Based out of Moreno Valley, we live and work here and love serving our local clients!


    Time and experience make our painters the best at what they do! From small jobs to big jobs, we've done it all



    What you’re looking for when you need a professional paint job done on your home or workspace is a group of professional painters who not only know their job well, but are licensed and insured. At Moreno Valley Painting Pros our painting specialists love their jobs, know all the ins and outs of the job, and are also fully licensed and insured.

    Another big bonus of hiring our professional painting contractor team is that, being a fully licensed team of professionals, we can acquire paint from top quality brands at a significant discount. Because of this, we can end up providing you with a much more affordable option while still ensuring that the quality of the job will be the best.

    Our team is equipped with all the necessary tools to achieve the best possible finish. We make use of wide variety of various paint rollers, paint brushes, hand brushes, paint sprayers, amongst other things. Through the use of each of these tools, used in the right way for the right purpose, we can get you that fresh look you’ve been looking for. Since our company doesn’t need to rely on renting the equipment needed for the job, you will end up saving by working with us, as opposed to getting work done by a company that needs to rent all their gear.

    We develop a strategy for each individual situation so we can be sure to really nail each paint job. We come into each job with the same vigor and enthusiasm, aiming to make the best of each space and leave our customers happy and satisfied.

    Choose us as your Moreno Valley painting contractors if you’re looking for a professional painting crew that will get the job done with ease and efficiency!

    Additional Services We Provide

    Alongside our painting services, we also carry out various additional services that go hand-in-hand with many of the projects we work on including:

    - Wallpaper Removal

    - Drywall Repair

    - Stucco Repair

    - Trim Repair

    - Fence Painting

    - Deck Painting

    - Ceiling Repair

    To execute a good paint job, you need a good clear surface. Because of this, we also make sure to repair dents and holes in your drywall and ceilings. Repairing these inconsistencies helps us carry out our paint jobs a lot easier and smoother, and also leaves you with a freshly repaired wall or ceiling!

    In addition to this, we also deal with wallpaper. If you’ve got old wallpaper on your walls, that serves as an obstacle to our painting professionals. That’s why we’ve included the removal of any old wallpaper in services we offer. But not only do we remove wallpaper, we can also put up new, fresh wallpaper for you! Maybe what you’re looking for isn’t paint, but you’ve got certain wallpaper in mind that you feel will complement your space even better. That’s when we step in.

    We are in the business of improving your homes and workplaces, so if you need to spruce up your space just give us a call today! Get us down to come and give you a free estimate! We’re down to fix your ceilings, walls, repaint, re-wallpaper, and get your place looking cozy, sharp and reflecting the exact vibe that you want!

    Head right on over to the form we have right here on our website. Fill it out and get a free quote today!

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